TWONG - mobile holding system

TWONG with patented Dreikraft™technology -
for temporary mounting on all vehicle restraint systems of warning and information signs, screens or dust protection walls, monitors, lighting and much more with different plug-in modules for all applications

Material: Aluminium EN AW 6082 T6 powder-coated
Technology: Clamping system with Dreikraft™technology
Fixing with tension belt and ratchet, without
tools, with 2 mounting pipes for plug-in module, locking pins with R-clips and steel cables to secure it
Weight: 6 kg
Height: 550x260x200mm
Certifications: Produced in Austria by an EN 1090 certified
company (highest standard),
European patent EP2518213
TÜV Rhineland tested
ASCQUER TS-60 certified
Statistical reports for each application - 0.42 kn/m2
fulfils all specifications under TL97, ZTVSA97, RSA
ArtNo: TWM_T2_A

"We showed TWONG to our chilenian road administrators and they loved it.
They think this is a great product. It´s strong, fastened quickly and easy to handle."

Juan Jose Sanchez Alegria / Direccion de Vialidad / Member of the Ministry of Transportation / Chile

"TWONG fits on every road restraint system and the handling is very simple and fast.
I´ve been looking for such a helpful and easy handling system for years. It is such a strong system even for big LED-Walls."

Richard Vuilleumier / Colomak / Suisse

"Wir haben TWONG sehr oft im Einsatz – es ist so einfach und schnell montiert und überall einsetzbar.
Jetzt machen wir auch Umleitungen damit - haben es permanent bei Nachtbaustellen im Einsatz.
In vielen Situationen kann man gar nichts anderes als den TWONG montieren."

Jörg Böhm / AM Duisburg / Autobahnmeister / Deutschland

"With TWONG we also have the chance to mount lightings like flashing lights and traffic lights in the areas of construction sites."

Miroslav Paclik / Selekta Prima d.o.o. / Managing Director / Croatia

"Durch den Einsatz von TWONG haben wir eine extreme Gewichtseinsparung, nicht nur bei der Montage, sondern auch beim Transport selbst - dieses spart nicht nur Zeit sondern auch Kosten."

Peter Hornbogner / Leitschutz / Leitung Straßensicherheit / Österreich

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