A focus on safety and economy

This unique TWONG mobile holding system was specially developed by us for more safety on roads and in traffic.

The patented Dreikraft™technology ensures an optimal transfer of power - this means that even large elements, such as heavy signs, monitors, lighting fixtures, cameras, screening and dirt protection walls, can be mounted safely and firmly.

Thanks to the special clamping technology, no drilling is required and road restraint systems remain undamaged.

Speedy and simple mounting on ALL road restraint systems, WITHOUT tools, guarantees a short stay period in different danger zones, making TWONG an essential piece of equipment for all professionals where their own safety is concerned.

Only 1 system for all mounting work is needed with TWONG. It can be applied in various settings with a large selection of plug-in modules, appropriate for all existing pipes.

The low dead weight - TWONG only weighs 6 kg - compact size and long lifespan, thanks to excellent product quality, all ensure efficiency and economy, thanks to low storage, transport and mounting costs.