The patented mobile holding system for added road safety


to mount without tools


thanks to patented Dreikraft™technology


with all road restraint systems

TWONG can do it

With patented Dreikraft™technology,
TWONG is a mobile holding system and is intended for the safe and temporary mounting of traffic, warning and information signs, screening walls in accidents and rescue work, dust and spray protection walls in building site areas, monitors, lighting elements, and much more.


Modules for all applications

The various TWONG plug-in modules can be used in a number of ways: Mounting traffic, warning and information signs, screens and dust protection walls in building site areas, monitors, lighting elements and much more. Modules that fit all existing pipes. Adapters enable mounting on all road restraint systems.

Speedy, safe, stable

The patented Dreikraft™technology ensures a stable hold without the additional use of tools, or the need for drilling. This means that road restraint systems remain undamaged. TWONG is ready for use in 10 seconds, with the help of a lashing strap and ratchet. TWONG can be mounted on all road restraint systems, such as concrete and steel protection walls, steel protection planks, crash barriers, Super-Rail, Super-Rail plus, Super-Rail eco, Super-Rail light, Varioguard, Miniguard and much more.

"We showed TWONG to our chilenian road administrators and they loved it.
They think this is a great product. It´s strong, fastened quickly and easy to handle."

Juan Jose Sanchez Alegria / Direccion de Vialidad / Member of the Ministry of Transportation / Chile

"TWONG fits on every road restraint system and the handling is very simple and fast.
I´ve been looking for such a helpful and easy handling system for years. It is such a strong system even for big LED-Walls."

Richard Vuilleumier / Colomak / Suisse

"Wir haben TWONG sehr oft im Einsatz – es ist so einfach und schnell montiert und überall einsetzbar.
Jetzt machen wir auch Umleitungen damit - haben es permanent bei Nachtbaustellen im Einsatz.
In vielen Situationen kann man gar nichts anderes als den TWONG montieren."

Jörg Böhm / AM Duisburg / Autobahnmeister / Deutschland

"With TWONG we also have the chance to mount lightings like flashing lights and traffic lights in the areas of construction sites."

Miroslav Paclik / Selekta Prima d.o.o. / Managing Director / Croatia

"Durch den Einsatz von TWONG haben wir eine extreme Gewichtseinsparung, nicht nur bei der Montage, sondern auch beim Transport selbst - dieses spart nicht nur Zeit sondern auch Kosten."

Peter Hornbogner / Leitschutz / Leitung Straßensicherheit / Österreich